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Psychic Ecology Club
3/4/2019 8:12pm

I've started my project (Sandbox 2713) and if anybody wants to check it out and give me feedback I left the viewscreen and dash on Read Only, so feel free to let yourself into the control room if I'm not there. I mean, not into the actual experiment, because it's not stable yet, but you're free to check out the data.

Basically, I'm seeing if I can create more empathy for the natural world, and seeing if that can change behavior in the population. I used the Earth "lookalike audience," but then implanted a bunch of news stories of animals saving the day--a cow pulls a boy out of a burning building, a chicken pecks out the abort sequence on a nuclear bomb left in Time Square, a deer successfully negotiates a hostage situation--and I tripled the amount of cute animal videos on youtube.

The theory I'm testing is that if people worldwide begin having more love and respect for animals, this will have a ripple effect on the overall biosphere. We'll see! Would love to hear what you think of if it could use any tweaks.

Psychic Valentines
2/12/2019 9:22am

I have to admit I was uncomfortable when everybody thought it was funny to vote for Company Asset for V-Day royalty. Personelle, sure, she was born for it. But there was something kind of mean behind the poll. Especially since there weren't any other candidates. I mean, what kind of a poll is that?

Company Asset has it hard enough already, with Personelle following him everywhere with her entourage, and he's dragging around that watermelon, and he's naked, in his purple skin, and the film crew following them where ever they go. People laughing. What if YOU had just been born, but fully grown, purple, hairless, complete with language and an encyclopedic knowledge of corporate proxy law but no friends and never even a hug from a parent or guardian, just ejected out into the legal landscape of one of the most forbidding psychic territories on earth--high school?

What if this is all some horrid experiment by @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. and @Big Jim to learn how to drive kids crazy? MORE crazy? Where do they get off on creating entities like this and then torturing them?

I wouldn't blame Company Asset if he skipped the Valentine's Dance entirely.