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Coincidence? Or not...
4/5/2023 3:34am

This was the same experience I’ve had. I just documented it in my last journal.

I stumbled across the same hallway again, and I was curious to find out about this certain area of the campus. I still remembered how intense it was, but it seems that I am not the only one who experienced this as well. I hadn’t realized that there were other people like me who somehow came across these kinds of situations.

This did not happen only in this one hallway but in a few others as well. There must be something connected to all of this, like a root perhaps.

4/5/2023 3:08am

It has only been the first day since I have arrived here, and something already feels... off.

I started to see students who basically have impossible human anatomies, shadow-like tendrils breaking through cracked windows, dark, misty, fog-like creatures crawling throughout the campus, and other weird stuff. Though the weirdest one of all was... that one hallway.

As soon as I entered, darkness surrounded the area, my vision started to spiral, and I felt extremely nauseous and ill. I felt uneasiness creeping in, crawling its’ way onto my body. Sweat trickled down my neck, and I started to feel lightheaded. I was unable to move... then, in the distance, I saw a figure. It was obscure, and the image still lies vividly inside my head. I immediately stepped out of there, though. That was the weirdest occurrence I have ever experienced.

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