Rose Nomenclature

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11/1/2018 8:53am

About that book, @Izzy... it was going to take too long to get my Psyhigh library card approved, so I had to steal it. So whatever you do, don’t let anyone know you have it or the library cops will be on your tail! It was a near thing getting through library security with it tucked under my shirt—the Browsing Vines tore off my cape during my escape, and I’m still washing the Attack Pigeon poop out of my hair.

I have no need for the Children of the Void. Not sure they’re equipped for the perils I face in my line of work, and the Egregore is taking off and headed to the skies to find our next adventure.

10/28/2018 5:03pm

Can anyone explain the numbering system that the Library uses? It’s like Dewey Decimal, but each one has infinite digits and the numbers move around.