Rinna Marks

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Immortal Hijinks
2/24/2018 2:41pm

When the slow trickles of nectar became gushing waterfalls, the world instantly became a brighter place! Not just because all of us immortals were no longer in immediate danger of gradually turning to dust and blowing away one granule at a time, but nectar literally illuminates everything around it! It sends sparkles dancing across the walls and through my vision, spinning and spinning and spinning! The old muted, amber glow has been replaced by brilliantly clear flashes of light! Extended life is no longer slow and burdensome, but energetic and vivacious! Ever since my first sip, I can feel every atom of my being swirling around inside of me, begging to be free and free and free! Stop rationing your supplies and drink freely, and taste immortality as it was always meant to be! Join us! Join us! Join us!