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2/7/2020 4:03pm

I can't believe you people, you can't go three seconds without looking at your phone, and talking to people in person is unheard of! All of you have the attention span of a fruit fly, and you can't even talk on the phone without crumbling into a wreck of awkwardness.

When I was alive, our phones were attached to walls, and we played games on computers. We talked to people, in person, and we could hold conversations for more than five minutes.

oh, how the times have changed.

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1/24/2020 6:09am

This is a very interesting world you have. Everyone has this thing called "Instagram" and apparently everyone and their grandmother has an iPhone, or a portable phone of some sort. when I died, those were just being developed, not even real things yet. I wonder if I could get one, do you think the store clerk would be concerned?

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1/15/2020 4:40pm

The world I woke up to is very different from the world I left behind... they say the year is 2020... I died in the 2000s.

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1/14/2020 5:12pm

I'm very thankful that you dug me up, @Mary Agnes. I was starting to loose all hope. I'm sorry I first greeted you asleep, I was screaming all night and I fell asleep. I'm still very confused though, what year is it? I've asked a lot of people and they just look at me funny. Do you think it's because I haven't had a shower?

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1/13/2020 5:56pm

Gosh, sometimes i wonder if anyone is even hearing what im saying. I'm pretty sure someone has mentioned me in the past few days, but no one has come to dig me up yet... Please, i beg of you, someone dig me up!

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1/10/2020 6:32pm

You'd be surprised about all the things I hear from down here. I can hear the thumps of footprints above where I'm buried, and if the person is real close, I can sorta hear what they say. Just the other day, I heard a conversation about void traps being thrown into the well. I wonder what year it is...

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1/8/2020 5:25pm

It is very lonely down here, is anyone coming to dig me up?? I've been screamin and hollering for quite some time now....

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1/6/2020 4:58pm

gosh its really cold down here, can someone do me a favor and dig me up?? id be eternally grateful. Im buried behind the old well on campus, right next to that really weird tree. It hasn't been that long since ive been dead, and the dirt should still be pretty soft, so getting me up would be easy. come quickly please.

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1/5/2020 12:54pm

I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.

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