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Goat Whispers
4/19/2016 3:30pm

Perhaps each of the popsicle stick questions have answers that, when put together, reveal a secret phrase. You must follow the secret phrase to wherever it leads you, to complete your quest and journey. Then again, maybe that is my imagination acting up again.

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4/19/2016 3:23pm

Alright, I've learned that none of my powers are blocked, except teleportation. Is this some sort of hazing ritual? On the other hand, does anyone know what sort of classes and clubs are available to be in once I finally reach some place recognizable? I am excited to start school!

-Pearl Gemblossom

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4/19/2016 3:00pm

Hi everyone! I was just wondering, where do I find...well...anything? I've been wandering these empty halls now for what seems like ages, and I swear I've seen the same section of wall four times. I don't have a uniform, dorm, or anything. It is a fun adventure, but I can't seem to get out...Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you,
Pearl Gemblossom

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4/19/2016 2:42pm

Hello, everybody! I am a new student here, and I am excited to start the experience. I am not sure what qualifies as 'psychic', exactly, but I do know that I have powers unlike common people. I was ordinary once, a while back, but then I was transported to a different universe, where I discovered my true self. I and my three closest friends were involved in a prophecy that got sorted out. Some of my friends are Gilan, Arem, Luna, Ezeroth, Erza, and Haladar. Although, I hope to make new friends on here! In later posts, I might tell a bit more about my adventures, but I would like to explore some other student posts.

Signing off for now,
Pearl Gemblossom

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