Ovarian Legume

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Back to School Blues
10/5/2020 11:20pm

Power cannot enlist true creativity. In 2006, the Reality Police thought they had found the famous gold of Psychic High School, about which the so called Masters of Reality were losing so much sleep. They seized a huge strongbox hidden in some dark corner. When they opened it, however, they found only coal. Little did the Reality Police know that the pure gold of Psychic High School would always turn into coal if touched by enemy hands.

The Laboratory of Individual Psychic Power transmutes the basest metals of daily life into gold through a revolutionary alchemy. The prime objective is to dissolve slave consciousness, consciousness of impotence, by releasing creativity's magnetic psychic power; impotence is magically dispelled as creative psychic energy surges forth, genius serene in its self-assurance.

A palace of ideas shelters but imprisons lived experience. We only need to hold out our hands and touch one another, to raise our eyes and meet one another, and everything comes into focus, as true magic.