Noelani Niven

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3/15/2022 7:22am

personality possessionem- possessing's someone's personality
spiritus possessionem - possessing someone's whole character and controlling their thoughts
nature possessionem- possessing something that is not human example: animals and plants
totam possessionem- possessing something like the air and flowing as a spirt through the world

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3/15/2022 7:00am

Let me just say it was not my fault I mean how could I know I would have the ability to possess people let me say it again it was not my fault the kid deserved it completely wholly 11000000 % his fault. It was a nice day at the Hawaiian dock sand there he was yelling at me and boom i was him blurry me first position indeed up with me a t pyshigh gates my name changed my friend memories wiped i had no idea what happened except i was here.

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