Nikolai Kaparov

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4/5/2023 4:46am

I am feeling so deranged because of these two people. It's just something about them that slowly drives me crazy. They're the reason for my suffering... please help.

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My Advice
4/5/2023 2:14am

Oh? You shouldn't stare at them any longer. Just focus on the lesson. Don't pay attention to them, it will just get weirder the more you look at it... yes, I am experiencing the same thing. The more I stared, it just got weirder and creepy-ish.

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Coincidence? Or not...
4/5/2023 1:35am

I would always walk around the school with my classmates. I never pay attention to my surroundings and just laugh with them as we walk. However, there was this one hallway that always gave me this off feeling. I'm not sure why. There were also times when I would go out of school later than others, but one of my friends would wait for me. One day, it was getting late and I was alone. All of my friends have already left since they had plans after school. After I packed up my stuff, I passed by the same hallway that gave me this off feeling. Since I was alone, I started to realize that it felt like I had been there before, before I even enrolled. There was nothing to be scared of, but I was scared for some reason. It felt like there was someone who didn't want me to be there. So I immediately left. To this day, I never pass that same hallway alone.

4/5/2023 12:15am

Once, me and my friends came together, and we were drinking and watching movies. Since it was getting late, we all said goodbye to each other and left. After they left, I was stuck watching a movie by myself. When the movie was finished, I decided to watch another one since I wasn't feeling sleepy. During the movie, I had this unsettling feeling. I don't know how to describe it, but it felt very unpleasant. Midway through the movie, I was dozing off when suddenly I heard something behind me. The thing is I was alone, but I brushed it off, thinking it was nothing. Then, in the corner of my eye, the TV in front of me flashed an image of something—maybe an animal? It was just for a second, but I know I saw it. To this day, I still wonder what it is.

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