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New Year New You
1/9/2022 4:40pm

We stopped by the Atrophied Attributes Club warehouse to trade in our old and outdated infopatterns. It took some time in the dressing room to decouple the range, which is a lot harder than it sounds because you can’t always trust the expiration dates, or they’ve become foundationally entangled with positive present level function, but after awhile we’d filled a whole shopping basket. @Harriet Hunt herself took it out to the tables but when she came back said they didn’t have any newer routines in stock at the moment. So we were like “well that sucks I guess bring us back all that stuff we just decoupled from” and she went back but like half of it was already gone. Which was like super awkward because what we’re supposed to go around half time-naked till we break in new patterns? With our stubs hanging out? Harriet said “well it is a swap meet so it’s not like we have a bunch of brand new stuff” like we were supposed to think about that before we stripped down? She’s trying to make it sound like our fault which is completely lame. Beware the swap meet!!!