Nick Diaz

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11/27/2020 6:08pm

Its cold, the emptiness of the void. Where is the void? you might ask. Its right here. In the part of your mind where your thoughts do not reach. Its not like any place that exists within the world around us. It operates on a different playing field, it has its own set of rules- a set of rules that are beyond a set of rules. Its chaotic in nature but can be quite peaceful in appearance. Nothing in the void is meant to be understood, much like the unknown- or perhaps it is the unknown itself. You can feel whatever you want, do whatever you want. You can even invite the void into your daily life and let it hang over your head like a stormy cloud. There isnt much practical use for it besides using it for spiritual or creative purposes. The reason why is because you make whatever you want out of it. You probably spent your entire life not even knowing its there because what use will it do for you? it wont make you money, it wont make you a better person, its what you choose to do with it that matters. me? i guess all ive been doing with it is letting it take over me. Maybe its because i cant find any meaning for it. Or perhaps im finding meaning here, in this random place.

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