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Introduce Yourself
5/15/2023 2:49pm

My name is Naxxor Thorton. I am God, people don't believe me, they tell me I am being "blasphemous"... whatever that means.

Anyway, I have these things called urgasims, they happen quite frequently and it's quite obstructive, that's why my 'parents' (I am God, I don't really have parents) sent me to this school.

When I have my urgasims, I have visions, my body convulses and I shapeshift into a pinecone. Sometimes I explode. At my last school, my left limbs exploded and my flesh splattered on all the normie students. That was the last straw, I was kicked out and my parents enrolled me in somewhere that "fit my experiences better". But truly, no one understands me, rather, I understand everyone and everything.

I utilize 100% of my brain and academics barely interest me, to be honest, nothing really interests me because I am perfect at everything.

I will stop there because when I speak too much on this topic, people say I am bragging.

Please do not ask me about my urgasims, I don't like to speak about them too much. And don't dare think about them either, because I will know. I know everything you are thinking. I am also everywhere and I am everything... So watch out.

Haha I am just joking, I am too busy keeping the world from ending, I don't care about your personal activities.