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Documenting my Psychic Dreams.
3/2/2018 9:01am


psychic dreams are unpleasant. in my case, it came up with disturbing contents in it. i'm not even lying. everything i wrote here were genuine.

Dream (1)
first dream i could recall, predictions for insidious 3. (yes i have not dreamt about anything significant but these actually predicted something personally for me ok)
December 13th, as in the date of my instagram post, fresh written just a day after it made sense to me.
i'm poor at describing, especially with the shitty quality of psyhigh in phone. i wish you guys would consider making an app to access this school. so i copy-pasted it from my instagram post.
in my dream, it took place in my house. in my room, i was playing some horror movies on my laptop and i couldn't turn it off while it keeps playing more disturbing videos. the one movie that sticks to my head were insidious 3. last night i found out that insidious 4 is getting released soon. i couldn't recall this dream wholly, so i might lose some part. anyways, i ran into the living room, where we placed a tiny microwave in a corner table. the laptop sat there on the top on the microwave, still not turned off. we have an asian house. i ran the uppest floor of my house, which is an open room for laundry. my laptop, it sat there on the ironing table. and suddenly i am alone on the house. disturbing and creepy videos keep playing on the laptop. i made an attempt to turn the laptop off. it didn't bother. it's either i jerked awake in this part or it continued with random.

- Mizu Aquamarine.

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3/2/2018 8:11am

is it okay if i made a new thread to my recent post? topic: psychic dreams.

also, trying to organize my posts into categories.

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Documenting my Psychic Dreams.
3/2/2018 8:01am

a month ago i experienced another psychic dream. it was informing me about the blue moon. idk exactly if i used the right word, the another word being "giving me predictions". remember, the super blue blood moon last month? there are more psychic dreams recurring before either. it all contained disturbing parts in it too though. i guess, flaw to the gift? anyways i started noticing these since late 2017. i'll try to describe my other psychic dreams, and explain more about these dreams on later entries. hopefully i won't procrastinate to write them though. but i like writing. sorry if this one was crappy, i wrote it in my phone!

Mizu Aquamarine.