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Flesh-eating Entity Club
5/27/2020 6:25pm

Hey everyone, when's the next club meeting? I'm hoping to join in and I've got a couple of bodies! Lemme know:)

5/27/2020 6:23pm

Talking about my time in the Children's Circle seems odd. I like to think I've changed a lot since then. I know many of my old classmates have matured since then; that's for sure. I still apologize to everyone for letting the baby hatching dragons out that one time. I swear it wasn't mean the other times though. I learned my lesson. Speaking of which did anyone go to the Children's Circle, I did take a gap to explore the Swiss lands before coming to Psyhigh so I fear I don't know the students here. I did near that here's a new telepathy teacher though and I'm rather excited to see how this all turns out. I will be in the field during lunches if anyone wishes to meet up. See you all soon :)

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