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6/2/2018 9:38am

When I was young, I was in and out of the infirmary all the time. I remember the first time a nurse said that I was ‘stable’ enough to go to children’s circle. My older sister went with me to make sure that I didn’t hurt myself and that I was okay spending time with these people who I had never meet before.
About halfway through the day, a strange purple smoke appeared around the circle and my sister began moving everyone away from it.
I remember watching a huge shadowy creature emerge from the smoke and my sister stay back to protect us from it. I remember watching the creature lift her off the ground and choke the life out of her. I remember screaming and then running towards my sister as she fell to the ground. And I remember when I looked up from my sister’s bloodshot face, the creature was gone.
Today it has been eight years since my sister’s tragic death. If you wish to pay your respects, her grave can be found in the south east gardens.

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