Lucas Raven

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5/13/2023 10:18am

I'm getting my nest-bed delivered by ZEPHYR AIR TRANSPORT. But thank you to anyone tried to help.

.. Does anyone want a free extra dorm bed? Come to dorm #414 for serious inquires.

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Introduce Yourself
5/13/2023 9:58am

Heyy everyone. I'm Lucas, I use pretty much any pronouns. I'm an avian humanoid, I don't really need to say that though, you can kinda tell by just looking at me.

I'm not really sure why I'm here, my mom was another avian humanoid but my dad had some psychic powers or so I've heard (he's gone). So I'm kinda a mix of both, I couldn't really go to a normal school (due to appearance and stuff) so my mom sent me here. She's also pretty sure I have some psychic powers or something so my goal is to try some classes, see what I can/can't do.

Oh yea and just to answer some of the questions you guys have been asking me in the halls:
- Yes you can touch my tail, just please ask me first, and don't pull on it too hard.
- Yes, for the last time my wings are real
- No I don't eat bugs, I eat regular meat
- I can flutter, not really fly fully yet
- Yes, I can turn fully into a bird, not fully human though. So I'm always kinda stuck with these wings and tail

Also does anyone know how I can bring my nest-bed to school? The bed in my dorm is mad uncomfy for my wings (no offense to the school, your beds are probably great, for people without wings)