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6/2/2023 9:11pm

Happy Pride Month y’all.
I hope you know that no matter what you identify as, you’re welcome here.
Also, if you see my face on any posters around here with a weird phone number at the bottom, ignore it please.
Have a good Pride Month.

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5/30/2023 12:19pm

Well, I almost failed my assignment today.

I almost created a tear in the fabric of time, so might wanna work on that...

I'm glad this place has high energy sensors and that they were able to shut off the power before anything happened.

Right now I'm just kinda observing students on their commutes to classes.

Also, did you know you can apparently use a quantum apparatus to observe things too? Weird.

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5/27/2023 10:55am

I keep on hearing whispering in the sidewalk cracks.

Also eyes keep on appearing everywhere. They just float.

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Introduce Yourself
5/26/2023 12:21pm

Hey, I'm Lillith. I just transferred here from an alternate reality.

I'm not exactly human, but my species doesn't exist in this version. Either way, I hope we can get along.

I have visions sometimes, and it's only when something very bad is about to happen. Last time I had one, a universe was ripped apart.

Anyways, I hope I can continue my studies here without many problems.