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Psyhigh Fair and Rodeo
8/22/2020 11:31pm

We watched about all of the empathy clowns we could take, seeing them squirm and moan and jerk with the occasional spasm, and then we decided we had to leave. The Elks or the Masons or whoever the old guys were in their suits tried to keep us inside the arena gate but Maisie knew how to climb up under the bleachers and walk out over the top of the chutes for the animals.

We hopped down off the fence into the fairgrounds, and tried to mix in with the crowd, but that's when the giant holographic cowboys appeared. "Ladies and gentlemen and OTHER please welcome THE BIG ROPERS!"

At first it was fun, like a big square dance, and they seemed to win stars up in the sky for each formation they moved us into. But then we found ourselves locked in a container and loaded up on to a truck or something because there's vibration and it's dark and the air is close.

Is this part of a ride, @Lasso Larry?

Psyhigh Fair and Rodeo
8/2/2020 9:00pm

And in the summer, we would wear cowboy hats.

I’m in!