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12/22/2017 4:33pm

Some thoughts:

The Eastern seaboard shows a surprising lack of boarding schools, considering I've never been to one in over 100 years of living on Earth.

I cloned a baby griffon as a Cloning Club project, and now it's close to biting my finger off.

My roommate, Claire, has double limbs and is afraid of turtles. She's nice, and only 40 Earth-years old, (or 16 in aging). It turns out many people here age normally, but are still able to relate to my troubles. I'm loving this place more every minute.

They don't even care that I'm new! It's heaven!

I'll stop now.

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12/22/2017 4:26pm

This school set-up is... new. I went to public schools, in New Jersey, of all places, before (as well as several in Massachusetts, and some schools multiple times), and on-campus housing is hard to get used to.

I age about one year for every 500, although being born and living the first 5998 out of 7015 years of my life in the cold blackness of space, not knowing anything about my past, present, or future shouldn't really count.

This is the first Earth-year Christmas without some form of parents. My many parents have either died off, become suspicious about my slow aging, or have been killed off my creatures as strange as radioactive BMW-sized tarantulas (I attract the strange of the world).

After the most recent guardian had given her life to an incident involving gamma radiation, I had become a target across the area, and applied here to escape.

Her death was especially tragic, considering she gave me my new name of Laura (I used to just call myself X-insert new string of numbers when needed, which also ringed a bell for conspiracy theorists, and thank goodness I can understand any language by reading the workings of the inner mind, or else I would've been screwed).

She didn't care when I aged none in in almost 20 years and she had to keep enrolling in new schools across the county. Several administrations had related me to X-___, but I had fortunately been practicing my Information-Wiping Skills.

Anyway, I was truly traumatized when I arrived here, but I learned that I could express my feelings and show my true self, even with purple irises and a lifespan of thousands of years. I have even met some Marvel fan fiction writers and trombonists, two hobbies which I have partaken in for the past 8 years.

I'll have to get used to the dorm set-up, but the subjects are cool and the food is great, even if the Fruit Loops mysteriously glow green. I think I've truly found a home here.

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12/22/2017 3:54pm

I was born on the asteroid 45 Eugenia, but was accidentally sent to Earth after a particularly violent solar flare. I am 28 times stronger than the average humanoid due to the Sun's surface gravity, which is unfortunate when trying to open a door.

I have also developed the unfortunate ability to read the actor's minds inside of their movie. I have discovered that actors think very disturbingly, especially those from Grease.

I'm hoping to actually have friends here, because apparently nobody believes my story. They clearly are naive and ignorant.

I want to learn how to control squirrels, and possibly some basic alchemy here. I hope that doesn't leave me with a lot of homework, but this is a boarding school, so I'm sure that's commonplace (I wouldn't know, sadly).

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