Kyle Mercado

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The Eco-Rationing
8/12/2019 9:42pm

I miss the Gorf. I mean the first-gen, original Gorf. They only came in fluorescent colors because they were still experimental. I mean now you hardly notice them because they can do that camouflage thing. But ours was this big happy bright green blob outside where the garbage can used to be.

It absorbed all the garbage we could dump on it, and it would kind of gurgle and ooze when it was digesting, but we never saw it "move" move. Like our neighbor. Once he tripped over the cables and he swore his Gorf lurched at him. My mom said he was a drunk. And that squirrel we found half sticking out of ours must have fallen in on its own.

It didn't hold enough charge to keep the lights on past 8. But we loved playing hide and seek in the dark. A lot of people my age remember those hide and seek games.