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10/20/2018 6:45pm

The Happy Apple Festival was huge fun and everybody should go! My friend has a station wagon that goes the speed of light, so we drove but not at light speed because it was too close and it’s really easy to overshoot. Usually when you use light speed to get around locally because you’re late and you think it will be a shortcut it isn’t because you keep spending time backing up and trying and missing again.

Anyway we got there and the sun was just setting and the sky was purple and the clouds were cantaloupe and the lights in the rides were just turning on and you could smell the electricity leaking out of all the old wires. We played a game where you try to throw hoop over stretched out pop bottles and won one and then tried to get the derringer out of the claw crane toy catcher but couldn’t. We didn’t talk to any fortune tellers because we weren’t ready for that kind of commitment.

The thing you have to see is the Lumichrome Luchadores Lumière — the Luchadores of Light! The have jumpsuits that light up and they jump around doing kung fu and shooting out beams of light while they fight these little blobs of darkness dudes. They’re like toddlers dressed up in black body suits and the LLL knock them around all over the midway. Everybody cheers and the Luchadores grow brighter and brighter until they get in formation and shoot into the sky in a big beam of light! It’s huge.

Ya gotta go!