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Floating Sister
4/30/2022 1:54pm

I was just eating breakfast, it had greek olives it was great, then- BAM!- instead of the usual orange flash before she floats it was indigo, and she started to float upwards faster than usual. Oh my stars, it scared me so bad. I had rushed so fast toward her that I thought that time had slowed. Once I had her anchored back down, I interrogated her, asking her the usual round of questions, "Are you okay?", "How did you feel before the flash?", "Did you do anything different than usual?" and none of the questions garnered a different response than usual. But, we were both spooked by the new occurrence.
I've decided that I will use my journal as sort of a research guide about my sister.
Orange - The "normal", she floats as normal.
Indigo - She floats faster than usual, almost as if her mass had changed.
Other than the new colour that had flashed today, there had been no other incidents, during breakfast was her only one. That was nice, it allowed me to finish up my homework from yesterday and gave me some free time.

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Floating Sister
4/29/2022 6:54pm

My little sister is floating again- for the FIFTH TIME TODAY. It's becoming too much of a common occurrence, she sneezes there's an orange flash, and then she floats for an unprecedented amount of time. It's annoying when no one else is around to take care of her, how am I supposed to finish my studies of the Deltacrians or even get my astrophysics homework done if I constantly have to hold her down? The stars won't rewrite themselves, especially if she floats into them.