Justin Heathcliff

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The Compost Kids
6/21/2018 10:58am

The subject, Justin Heathcliff, continues to show signs of deterioration. While the Jiffy Whacker Hack ‘n Splice insertion of the Nicrophorus americanus biologic cuttings shows no signs of being rejected, the subject shows signs of a worsening depression. The presentation of the orange facial markings and orange tips on the large antennae are droopy, and the subject does not respond to even Level I comedy diagnostics.

The subject has spent large amounts of time burrowed in the soil beneath the woods. However, pipes, gas lines, underground cables, and other invasive infrastructure placed by the Urban Reality Group border the woods in all directions, not to mention chemical invasion. The subject states: "There's just no place to get lost anymore."

Immigration to Refugia is approved.

The Compost Kids
5/18/2018 5:07pm

Photographs 27-34. Justin Heathcliff presents as a young male in his mid-teens, a mop of brown hair just covering the eyes. The distinctive orange and red markings of Nicrophorus americanus (hybridization choice) are visible on the pronotum (the large shield-like area just behind the head) and on the elytra, covering the delicate wings on the back.

It is unlikely, given the body mass of the remaining mammalian aspects of the subject's biology, that the wings will ever enable actual flight. They could play a role in heat exchange for the rest of the structure, however.

Note abdominal segmentation already beginning to occur in photograph #33.