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The Magic Squares
7/3/2019 8:22pm

The Magic Squares would like to thank the administration for removing our Math Restrictors, so now we can get down to the dirty work of removing the exotic snippets of imaginary numbers from campus infrastructure!

@Humble Todd has already taken care of the sidewalk from the cafeteria to the gym, so that journey should no longer be infinitely long (please let us know if you discover otherwise).

Other members are working on reducing the height of the absurdly tall grass, returning the water supply to a "wet" consistency, and bringing a moRE STABLE VOLUME to the soundwaves both indoors and outDOORS!

There's no doubt in our minds that the Quantum Jerks were behind this prank, and we have asked @Big Jim to contact his counterpart at Mad Scientist High to COMPLAIN.

Hmmm... there's an i3 = -√-1 in my salad....

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The Magic Squares
6/17/2019 4:44pm

The church, er, I mean CLUB, has created a new award for extra/dimensional hacking to our most irrational member, @Evie Galois! It will henceforth be known as the E/Dh award, and will be passed on to the member who can drive us to the most likely unique destination possible, using Psychomathematic principles.

We just know this will elevate the bar in terms of the kind of math and packing problems we’ll be having!

Please input your variables here, along with a short description of coordinates and locale.

The Magic Squares
6/4/2019 10:07pm

We're headed to φ tonight.

Magic Squares -- you know the code, so you do the math.

Gates open at 1.618033988749894848204586834365638117720309179...