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File Cabinets of Mystery
5/3/2018 8:57am

The best way to enter the File Cabinets of Mystery is by walking backwards while listening to enchanted zydeco. That’s how we do it in the swamps back home. Old blind François squeezes out the shuffling tune on his accordion, and we walk in reverse spirals underneath the moonlight. L'épine Dorsale du Temps (The Backbone of Time) is one of my favorites, and it’s the one I hummed as I entered the archives under the school.

My interest is in old recipes. It is my belief that our connection to the “pouvoir psychique” has become diluted through time, and that by recreating the old recipes, like the Acadian Smoothie or the Duke of Orleans Croquette, we can get closer to it. I am also interested in @Estreya Harlow’s cooking techniques. I’m writing a cookbook.

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