Herbert Albert

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Crunchy Crafts
7/9/2019 7:18pm

I'd like to remove my negative review of @Mimi Moss's enchanted lettuce doll. Is it possible to delete it?

After it wilted I threw it on the strip of grass behind the dumpster at Belladonna Dorm. Then @Mimi Moss gave me a free Bean Baby to make up for my bad review. It squirmed in my hand so I threw it out behind the dumpster too.

Then the weird rain fell.

Now it's like a cabbage erupted and it's as big as a playhouse! I call it a Bunny House.

Come to my Bunny House! I'm there all the time now.

Crunchy Crafts
6/15/2019 6:52pm

Hey @Mimi Moss this enchanted lettuce doll is all wilted and won’t talk like you said it would. No stars Would Not Buy Again