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9/9/2017 2:36pm

How to attain heaven

What you need is my stand [THE WORLD] what you can find beyond the powers of my stand is where you need to go in order to find "heaven"
What you need is a trustworthy friend. What I also need is the lives of more than 38 humans who have sinned, That's because those who have sinned harbor a strong power within.
These are "14 phrases" that one must keep in mind
The Secret emperor, Spiral staircase, Pear tart, Rhinoceros Beetle, Rhinoceros Beetle, Giotto, Rhinoceros Beetle, Singularity point, Singularity point, Hydrangea, Angel, Via dolorosa, Rhinoceros Beetle.
What is most necessary is courage. I must need the courage to destroy my stand momentarily. My stand as it disintegrates will absorb the souls of the 38 sinners.
And will give birth to something utterly new.
Lastly i need an appropriate location.
North Latitude:
28 degrees
24 minutes
West longitude:
80 degrees
36 minutes
Go there and wait for the new moon, That's when Heaven will come.

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