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Help with Self-Help (or, Defeating the Purpose)
11/1/2016 10:37am

Okay, I'm right outside your dorm, @Georg Potookig. I've left my notebook in my room for obvious reasons, but I have a tape recorder so I can update it later (at least, if I remember). If the situation gets dire, I have a pack of chalk and a book of protection runes. I mean, it would help if I knew how to use them, but improvisation is key!

I stopped by the library (well, the place according to my notebook that was the library) to grab a book to act as a control, but I asked the librarian about any other books with unusual effects. Apart from dead silence as the telepathic message was communicated to my brain, learning and acquiring information seems to be the main side effect, with any books with harmful effects usually kept separately from the main collection.

The main plan of action could be to take note of any changes that have happened in your room, before finding a controlled environment to compare the effects of the Self-Help book and our control. I must say this now, every fifteen minutes you should tell me who you are and why I’m here. The tape recorder helps, but I don’t want to rewind it and miss anything important.
Don’t worry about your problems; let your problems worry about you!

Help with Self-Help (or, Defeating the Purpose)
11/1/2016 8:40am

@Georg Potookig, are you sure the curdling is just limited to food? From what the smudged pen marks on my arms are saying, last night (while I was looking for the missing pages in my notebook), I found page 164 about 2 feet from your door. This doesn not seem worrying, apart from the fact that it was covered in grey mouldy patches and began crumbling away as I touched it. Thankfully, I was able to rewrite the information into my journal, but the large pile of dust is both unsightly and worrying.

Where did you find that Self-Help book? If you can't return it, perhaps we could have a look at the effects of the exposure to it? Does anyone else have copies of this book, or has Georg found a limited-edition book of doom? I'm no good with any of this psychic stuff, but I appreciate the value of the scientific method and analytical collection of information!

(Although, I'm a bit worried to go near your dorm again. Page 164 had a lucky escape.)


10/30/2016 11:32am

Can we just talk about spoons for a second?

Everyone assumes that if you're "psychic", you can bend a spoon with your mind. I'm sorry, I can't. It is truly devastating to hear, I know, but I cannot ruin your cutlery with my mind. Maybe with my hands, but I don't think I'm too good with controlling my powers. I need to finish this paragraph maybe it's just the nerves but I'm forgetting this quicker than I usua

To the poor person trying to eat their dinner in the canteen behind me, I'm sorry for making your plate explode. I think I sneezed, and suddenly you're running away from the mess of lasagna and ceramic fragments. I'm really sorry, this keeps happening. It's good i got to write this, I'm going to forget what I'm doing agai

My name's Harper, and I think I like this place. My dorm's pretty spacious, and the walls have plenty of room for scrawling any memories that surface during the day. I'm the person who ran into class tearing pages from her notebook and screaming about the faces. It was definitely important at the time, but that might have been a memory from last year. Does anyone know where those pages are? I don't remember what i wrote on them, but it's important I have them before I forget why I'm in this school.

My memory isn't great, I tend to forget huge chunks of what happened during the day and I write them all in my red notebook. My name is Harper, and I'm sorry if I cough or sneeze. That tends to break things - I can't really control my powers. I don't remember how. Hey, this has been a good episode for me, I'll quit while I'm ahead and post this.

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