Grandeur P. Heinrich

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10/19/2017 1:23pm


My name is Grandeur Perish Heinrich, most just call me Grand. I was born into a Zalgonist cult, after a event they called "breeding the next hive". I "left" when I was 15, and since then I have gone through many different aliases and jobs. I have finally decided to settle down at Psychic High to better my abilities, and because this seems like a good hide out. I am able to summon this oil like goo that the cult called "Syrum". I can manipulate it in to many different forms and even give it false memories and life, but my power is limited and at the time I can only make medium sized objects and very simple creatures. I hope this school can help me in advancing my abilities. I am very social so please do not feel hesitant to speak with me. I'm hopeful that this school will give me good allies for my plans in the future. until then I will make myself at home.

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