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The Floating Ampitheaters
8/20/2019 10:10pm

Floating Amphitheater 3 (Ol’ Dirty Walnut) failed to report in after last night’s festivities. We figure it’s because of the increasingly complicated configurations we’re having to run inside Me-space to avoid the Psyhigh security patrols. Slipping in and out of the super tiny 10 dimensional folds is tricky work! And if you make the wrong move you can leave our local sub-reality real easy.

If you’ve got friends or dorm mates onboard the Walnut, please help us by using the copper spray paint for your landing sigils, and mix a bit of your spit in it. We think this could help produce a resonance the Ol’ Number Three can hone in on.

In the meantime, we’re operating in just 2 floating amphitheaters, so be sure to observe the maximum seating capacity. NOT! jk

Party on, dudes!!