Genderific Slimemold

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4/15/2017 2:07pm


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2/25/2017 10:40am

Today I am oozing into the non-ternary bathrooms

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Biolet's Backpack
1/28/2017 2:30pm

I saw your backpack @Biolet. I've been trying to bulk out my cafeteria biofilm. I have four new tendrils around the north windows!

I was stretching out my newest tendril two days ago and running sensory nerves into it when I saw a bright light start flashing down on the floor by the window. There was a humming noise and your backpack lifted off the ground and phased in and out. It hung in the air and spun around. There was still that glowing light and the hum was getting louder!

My olfactory nerves in my biofilm smelled lightning or ozone as the backpack spun faster and faster and suddenly it winked out of this plane.

I don't see it with any of my other light-sensitive patches @Biolet so it's not in any damp, poorly-ventilated places on campus.

Does this help?