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Reality Abroad 2022
7/30/2022 6:27pm

Okay, so the confirmations are just in. According to the Mandrake-Rukhavishnikova Equations there's a 99.88% probability that I'm now in the year 2425. And there's a 99.86% probability that I've landed in the Patagonian Republic.


But, on the other hand, I'm confined to my tempo-hab. Inside the whole time. Not allowed outside. For an unspecified emergency period. ABSALUTEY NO XCEPTIONS. THIS MEANS U! all the signs and announcements say. Something about an atmospheric inversion anomaly affecting the general area.

So I'm heading back to my own time and place as soon as I can make the necessary arrangements. I still have my chronopass and my 4D visa-free authorization. There's nothing to stop me. No point in sticking around in 2425. Nothing to see here.