Flaveur Saveur

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Crunchy Crafts
7/26/2019 11:43pm

No! For the last time, we are OUT of Rejujumix. All refills must be... refilled only at other authorized Flaveur Saveur outlets or on the Flaveur Saveur website. Due to the property damage and fear for my own well-being I am closing our tent in the student market and leaving for an undisclosed location which is definitely NOT my mom’s house in town.

It’s true that Flaveur Saveur GMO vegetable dolls can get a bit ugly, and unruly, without proper dosages of Rejujumix. However please note that all guarantees of safe and polite behavior of Flaveur Saveur GMO vegetable dolls are null and void if Flaveur Saveur GMO vegetable dolls have not received their recommended daily allowance of Rejujumix for 48 hours.

Use only as directed!*

*Flaveur Saveur is not responsible for bites, chafing, infection, broken bones, stabbed eyes, or any other symptoms related to insufficient levels of Rejujumix in Flaveur Saveur GMO vegetable dolls. Flaveur Saveur Security Teams are not responsible for Flaveur Saveur GMO vegetable dolls that have not received sufficient levels of Rejujumix within the required time period.

Crunchy Crafts
6/24/2019 8:02pm

Tired of wilty old produce dolls? Soft and shrinky turnip heads? Limp and floppy lettuce arms? And haven't you had enough of their incessant non-poison-resistant wheezing?

Then try Flaveur Saveur!!!!

Check out my full line of GMO dolls, proudly on display in the hot hot mid-day heat at my booth in the commons! They won't wilt! They won't go soft and limpy! (when used as directed*).

Use the coupon code CGN-89564-2 when you see me for 15% off AND a free bottle of Rejujumix, with application syringe.

Get them today, and enjoy their ripe, sunny dispositions ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

*Do not eat Flaveur Saveur dolls. Do not lick Flaveur Saveur dolls. Any attempt to place Flaveur Saveur dolls in a fertilization medium will result in immediate arrest by the Flaveur Saveur Security Team. Do not expose Flaveur Saveur dolls to water that has not be properly diluted with Rejujumix.