Evee Delle

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1/9/2017 11:58am

I can't say I feel safer than yesterday,althought I'm in a solid form, because I still know know there are creeps in the world around us, but atleast the one pestering me is gone.

He decided today to mess with Vella, My catmorph roomate, when the campus securiy heard her meows, they trapped him in some mental bubble at entered a portal too deal with him good ridence.

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1/7/2017 8:31pm

Uggg... I ended up dying again today, Sadly I just now reconstructed my Æther Constitution, some I am uploading the journal to the cloud telepathically.

I ran into Golathbar, the creepy stalker guy from dimension 4276AAQT controlled by the Calinstein Federation. It seems like he is always somewhere near my, it doesn't help that he can teleport anything, anywhere while he is chewing gum( he has a LOT of gum) he teleport ed me into some random building where naked girls where dancing for money. Naturally I make a commotion and yelled at the men watching about sexism and how they where pigs. They promptly shot me 47 times, so now I'm materializing in my room, watching cat TF porn, because my roomate is a weirdo( sorry Vella!), Lucky Me.

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