Eva Unbeknownst

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Psychic Valentines
2/21/2019 7:55am

That you are reading this message means you have recovered the seedpod I am entrusting our story to. After writing as much as possible on it I will bury it deep into the walls that encase us and trust that nature will take its course!

After a long and confusing period that none of us seem to remember clearly, we found ourselves in comfortable accommodations. Small rooms with bunks, every surface spongy with moss. Our cells are arranged in clusters, but when I heard the distant, muffled plunk of @Synthia Humanoid's ukulele, we tore through the mossy wall and found her cluster. And then another. And another.

We continue to explore the area, a great green cavern, lit by trails of tiny blue lights, filling the space like a fay moonlight. Is there a bridge? A brain? We will seek upward, pulling ourselves from ledge to ledge by great green handfuls. What new world awaits us?

Psychic Valentines
2/4/2019 8:08pm

I'm a little concerned that the dance is literally next week and we still don't have a theme.

We all agreed "When the Stars are Right" was a bit heavy handed.

The Fire & Ice theme had potential, but communication with @Frosty Lad in the Wonderland of Snow dimension is too spotty.

And Taylor's suggestion was definitely too gruesome and rightfully dismissed.

What about a good old fashioned Fairy theme? It's classic! @Riven could maybe even harvest some of that fungi and string it around the room a bit? Make it authentic!

2/1/2019 8:04am

Oh @Teosinte can you tell me who will I attend the Valentine's Dance with?

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