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The Dapper Skeleton
10/26/2016 9:30pm

Espiritismo does not have a good feeling about the dance. Calling up The Elegant One at the same time you are bending and twisting reality is a really bad combo. At the Corn Festival last year they had a corn god and it was a dwarf, man! With skin made out of corn and his hair made out of corn silk. Boy did he run around, knocking over the tents and scaring people half out of their wits. It took us all night to convince that guy he was just made of corn and he should stop running around. Then the sun came up he turned to popcorn.

10/13/2016 11:21pm

Espiritismo is tired. Working with the spirits all day is hard work. There was a confidence heist on the south side of town and Espiritismo had to track down the culprits. People think working with the spirits is flashy and dramatic like in the shows but it's not. In reality there is a lot of waiting around and watching. And then much paperwork.

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