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11/12/2016 6:45pm

Eliza F. Rellik 9:22pm Nov 12, 2016

Now that I have some time I can sit down (or rather lay down) and tell you about myself, my name as stated at the start, is Eliza F. Rellik the F. stand for Fae. Eliza Fae Rellik, I always have enjoyed my name as it is not too strange yet it is not mind numbingly normal.
I enjoy many hobbies such as drawing and writing (while I find myself not great at either they are quite fun to do) I also enjoy reading, although I do not enjoy romance novels.
I am the eldest child in my family and have two younger siblings, Anthony (a boy) and Kyia (the youngest, and a girl) there has not ever been much spoken of 'magic' (or whatever you prefer to call it) I think it is because my family is quite the religious type and often goes to church (Christians) while im not sure if this is the main reason it seems high in probability from what I have heard and seen of some people. (This is to be in no way rude to anyone, I still believe in god and such. This is just an observation)
I started to look into psychic abilities and magic when my 'abilities' first started to show themselves. On the topic of powers, i have two (at least? maybe one? it depends on how your head works) i would call them aspects of 'Vision'.
sometime i can see things that will happen, though i have little to no control over this so i can't tell i have had one until the moment becomes current. they are usually pointless, looking up from a book and seeing a bug, hearing a specific word, nothing much really.
the other is much stranger, i see things that others don't, the shadowy figure lurking in the corner of my eye. reaching for me, just to disappear the second i look over. there are also more solid things i see (two of them at the moment) i have named them since they seem tied to me if they are truly tied to anything. the first one is 'Madness' he is the worse of the two and the one that bothers me the most, i only SEE him at night but during the day i can tell he is near watching me. he looks like one of those hairless cats but much much larger with long spindly fingers and a human face that looks like someone stretched out longways(or kind of like The rake creepypasta, but larger and a different face). he taps on windows and likes to watch people sleep.
the other is 'The wolf' he i haven't seen up close really, he is very new i have only started seeing him within the last few days. i feel like he is more shy and such, but i'm not positive. he is very very large compared to a human, nearly twice the size of a large adult man, he is a werewolf (at least that's what i think) he is humanoid in shape and stands on two feet he has dusty tan grey fur. i have yet to see his face as he is often hiding in the trees and never comes very close to me.
There are others that are there, i haven't seen them but i know they are there, hiding behind a corner in a darkened hallway, waiting just outside of the ight. In your closets, under your beds. Most of them are there but do not wish to bother me, or anyone that i can tell. Most are just cowardly things, always hiding. I think Madness it different from them but i'm not sure how so other than he is generally much more violent. He tends to stay away when the place is more populated (or you aren't on a ground floor) i hope they are tied to me so when i move into a dorm room i can be sure that my sister is no longer hearing something breathing over her at night.
There is not much else I can think of to say I do not think it is of much use but if anyone wishes to know I am currently preparing to pack up to go stay in the dorm room 32933274.

Eliza F. Rellik, 9:43pm Nov 12, 2016
Goodbye, for now.

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11/11/2016 11:18am

Todays date is 2:14pm 11/11 of 2016,
My (most likely) first day here.
My name is Eliza F. Rellik (no you may not call me Elli, Ella, or any variation of Eliza) there is not much I can think of to speak (or rather write) about at the moment, I know some about this school and in truth I have yet to learn all I can.
I feel like I should probably find out where to collect the materials necessary for the classes I must attend but I will do that at a later date when I have the time.
while I was hoping to talk more and introduce myself much more thoroughly I find myself running out of time (There has always been to little for the amount of people this place holds) I hope to speak (write?) again quite soon once I have a moment to myself and I can properly introduce myself.

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