Elijah John Beck

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8/25/2023 8:16pm

with my full name on display, I am ready to start my journey through this website. I typed in psyhigh.com and was greeted with a generic white website page adorned with a logo reminiscent of all other logos of the type. three teardrops falling into each other each made up of different primary colors. The next thing I saw on the page was an image of a silhouetted woman and man dressed in traditional school clothing. Their bodies were covered in colorful stripes and lines. I instinctively clicked on the image and it brought me to a new page. The new page was full of words and lines, the heading said "Students" I clicked on a link that said sign up here, I signed in, and then it prompted me to write here in this box. Now here I am, what will I do next? To be decided.

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