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9/7/2022 12:58pm

In hiding
Quietly waiting for the right time to strike
The witch will pay.

Add a journal entry to E.X.I.L.E, LLC

3/7/2022 12:27pm

We laugh at your ignorance, @Blue Malva. We are not like that. If you think so, you are clearly mistaken. Our only goal in this dimension is to help the PHS students thrive. If you think we are harsh, you should see the E.X.I.L.E, LLC from B5-AMN86. We may rule this school, but we still care about every individual student. In fact, we send out care packages every month. It may say it is from your parental guardian, but in truth, it is from us.

Also, @Blue Malva, our company name (E.X.I.L.E, LLC) is a creative decision that our marketing director Jeremy (he has since retired) apparently thought was a good idea. As you might know, once a company name is submitted to the IACND (Intergalactic Association Of Company Name Decisions) it cannot be changed. If you would like to form an official complaint about this, please direct it to their official email, concerns@iacnd.org. We are not able to disclose what our name stands for at this time, but we will let you know when this changes.

To prove these statements (as we care about being truthful) we will be opening a Q&A. Send in any burning questions you have about anything, such as:
-Why we are affiliated with this school
-What we do
-When meetings are held (By the way, we don't have them)
-Where our headquarters is
-Who we are
-Any other questions
We hope you take advantage of this offer.

"We are trustworthy."

(P.S. We would be happy to send an E.X.I.L.E, LLC representative to play a game of ping pong with you. One of our reps, Ellix, quite likes it.)

3/6/2022 11:52am

We did not put you in your place for a while, to see how you reacted. You waited for us to catch you. And waited. And waited. We did catch you, but we decided not to take action. We are kind like that, aren't we? We will give you one more warning, child. Do not go behind the prophet's back. Do not go behind our back. Never ever again. Let us make this clear. We are not like our (beloved) counterpart, @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. They love the school, they love you. We rule this school. We rule you. If you do not heed this last warning, well...

The consequences will be dire.

"Do not underestimate us."

3/6/2022 10:14am

You took the paper in your hands and held it like a baby, placing it inside the window. Did you think you were funny, impersonating us? Did you think people would love you for it? They would not. You did it anyway, out of pettiness.
A girl with white hair came up to you. "What are you doing?' She had said. You recalled that her name was Ellen, from the icebreakers that day. You tried to speak, but gibberish came out. This would be in your nightmares for many years. You collapsed on the ground. We had done this, for we knew all, even back then. We will forever know all. We were and still are eternal.

We kindly asked you not to do it again.

"Do not speak lies, for it will come back to get you."

3/5/2022 4:07pm

Curated and observed
The fairyfolk sit in the shadows
Waiting to be released
They are not what they seem
Some are good, some bad
Listen to us.
We know all.

"Trust no one."

3/5/2022 8:28am

A chorus of lies
Will forever surround you
Unless you listen to us
For we are E.X.I.L.E, LLC
We know all
Tell all
We tell the world what they need to hear
Not what they want to hear.

"The truth will set you free."