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6/25/2023 11:43pm

We really had no idea Riverfolk inhabited that area along the river or we never would have chosen it for our performance. Either some vandals removed the warning signs or they were swept away during the recent flooding.

School negotiators assure us that the hostages will be returned unharmed -- it's just how the Riverfolk do things. Apparently they perceived my water sculpting as a kind of attack, which provoked the response we saw from their Spiny Razorback Warriors. Obviously they didn't like Lux's lightwork either but even the school investigators were surprised by the large polished mirrors the Riverfolk produced. The school nurse feels the blindness is temporary, and if you were one of those affected, just leave the blindfold on for three more days your sight should begin to return.

I didn't realize just how often students end up being abducted by Riverfolk each year! The Riverfolk are quite adept at it, and have air-filled warrens for keeping students safely in their habitations on the river bottom. The school usually offers extra credit in such cases, so see there really is a silver lining!

The administration has asked us to put our performances on hold until this is all sorted out, so -- to all our fans -- keep Dryp & Lux in your hearts till we see you again!

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6/22/2023 9:58pm







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6/11/2023 7:07pm

I’d like to apologize to our audience at the Dancing Waters show at the reflecting pool on lower campus in Friday night.

The waters have become habituated to humans from performing so frequently and much harder to control. This is why the “Hand of Poseidon” finale went a little off track and those members of the front row were snatched up and so recklessly battered. All of those good sports have been given complimentary stickers and t-shirts and tickets to our next performance, which will be held at a new location. Perhaps the river, where the waters are fresh.

But I think we can all agree that my new partner Lux did an AMAZING job with the lightwork. Those purples! Those pinks! Never have my creations seemed so lifelike.

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6/5/2023 10:07pm

With Summer Session going on, I'm moving my Dancing Waters show on lower campus to Friday evenings at dusk. Now appearing with my new partner Lux Fantasia, who is a lightworker. We've worked up a show you're know you're really gonna love. Bring a towl!

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Introduce Yourself
5/3/2023 1:39pm

I make the waters dance! Meet me at the reflecting pool in lower campus every weekday at 3 pm for my show.