Detective Dave

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11/25/2016 5:29pm

Yep, that's me, Detective Dave. And I'm here now. And you won't be here for very much longer. I have a gun. You little defenceless creeps better scram, 'cause otherwise you'll be face to face with ME!

Watch yer backs, little ones, watch them with those eyes you claim to have in the back of yer filthy heads!

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11/25/2016 5:26pm

Hmmm... What do we have here?

A school? It doesn't seem to be registered with the government. No... I'm afraid it may have to go... actually, I'm not afraid at all! 'Cause this is my job!

So, all you little creeps better clear out before you go down with your little creep school! Now who runs this place? I'd like to have a... quiet word...

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