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Disaster Response Club
7/17/2022 6:45pm

So I’m SUUUUUPER sorry about the trembling in the bunker at disaster brunch this morning. Sometimes that happens when I’m excited and it was just so great to meet you all!

I’m sure that those boxes and stuff will totally keep the roof from caving in and dropping the dorm right on top of us. But boy that would need some response wouldn’t it? Ha ha jk

Disaster Response Club
7/14/2022 9:33pm

Hi Terra. I’m not expert in “disaster response” but my powers are pretty good in terms of “summoning disaster.”

You’ll need to practice, right? I’ve never fit in really well because of my… tendencies… but Psyhigh is helping me get them under control and if you just need like a really localized earthquake or a pinpoint tornado I’d really LOVE to put my powers to work for you and your club. As part of the club.

Powerfully yours,