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11/25/2022 1:05pm

Why is Latin the language of magic? Many other psychics have asked why I say my incantations in Latin when the "hip, modern" thing to do is just to use your native language, English in my case. Well, when your family's occult activities span many generations, like mine, it's far easier to use a dead language. Living languages, like English, change. A word that meant one thing a long time ago may mean something completely different today. Incantations are tied to what the words mean, so an incantation from centuries ago could give unexpected results now. I get my incantations from the memories of people who lived centuries ago, so this could be an issue for me. Thankfully, my forbearers foresaw this problem and conducted their occult studies in Latin, the most popular dead language in their circumstances.

Of course, the largest factor in the decision to use a dead language was the Shovel Incident. Back in medieval times, a witch used an incantation written in an ancient spellbook. Unfortunately, between the spellbook's time of writing and the witch's time of casting, that phrase had become a euphemism for something... rather unpleasant. It took weeks to clean up, and the townspeople were scarred for life. I dare not speak more of it.

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11/12/2022 2:17pm

To whomever graffitied "VAMPIER" on my locker, I only drink blood once a week, and only a single drop from a diluted solution. Also, learn to spell.

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