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Witch Hunt
8/3/2020 8:43pm

I joined @Briney Santastic for her imaginary experiment on Saturday, and we immediately found ourselves at ideological loggerheads.

I wanted to hunt for Night Dumplings. Briney felt that holding an intention in mind was counter to the goal of the Witch Hunt, which was to overcome capitalist meta-programming and discover the momentary magical situations that unfold naturally in the surrounding psychotopography.

So I went looking for Night Dumplings anyway, along the dirt road that runs past the psychic grounds maintenance buildings and into the woods, and down to the Lost Stream and the ruins. There I saw a pair of old hobos, one black, one white, and their dog, who wore the Radiant Sun Disc around its neck, so I knew that they were gods.

I did not find any Night Dumplings.

7/24/2020 10:02pm

Yo let me know if anybody sees the Night Dumpling Cart around tonight. It floated down my hall last Friday night and everybody was lured out of their rooms by the delicious aroma.

Mmmm mmmm I sure could use some more of those Night Dumplings right about now yes I could.

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