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8/24/2019 8:43pm

It has come to my attention that some students may be wary of a smell in the dorms. I offer them my greatest apologies for it is the smell of the cabbage and spicy shampoo in my dorm. Please do forgive me, I have been collecting these materials for several days now, they are for my mother who is a vegetable witch, I'm sure everyone will understand, if not, I will repay you in fresh polliwogs.

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8/24/2019 8:34pm

@Mercedes Chrysler I am glad that your father has found an enjoyable job. But I can empathize with your position. My father #2 ate all the cabbage and spicy shampoo, ingredients needed to perform the cabbage ritual. See, my mother is a vegetable witch and her main source of income was performing the cabbage ritual, so she was doomed. However, when I started attending Psyhigh, I noticed that the school was lacking in a vegetable department. So I told my mother and now she is teaching vegetables. She is very happy now and I think she appreciates the steady income. It's enough to keep the table on food and a floor over our heads.

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8/24/2019 8:24pm

My parents are tampering with my mood, my mother, a vegetable witch, wanted to perform a cabbage ritual on me and I refused. My father #3, a vegan (the worst kind of witch in my opinion), decided to eat all the cabbage and the spicy shampoo, both of the ingredients needed do complete the cabbage ritual, therefore it is impossible to do the cabbage ritual. Although I did not want to do it, I was angry at my father #3's incompetence. After that, my father #1, a wolf witch (yes he has been featured in several teen-vampire TV shows- I wonder if you have seen him before- but I can't watch TV or know his name so I can not tell you more) put stoppers in my ears so tears would stop coming out of them and told me that I was going to Psyhigh. I was very excited, for the only friends I have are my horses. I never went to school, partially because I know the awful stigma around being a "horse-girl" (I am not a girl or a boy, my gender ceremony will be held in a couple of months) is not a good one. However, Psychic High School made me feel right at home. Despite the rough times I have had at home with my father #2 and #4, Psyhigh has been by my side. It has been the best experience of my multiple lifetimes. Thank You.

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