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Exscuse me?
12/3/2021 5:22pm

I woke my spspspsychic power (sorry I don't know how to spell that) (ppspspsps my spirit animal is also a cat) while plying Minecraft with my Minecraft girlfriend bERTRUDE she tells me she want to meet up in the park by my hide but I'm not going to becsaue her spawn was set sign my friends bed :(

I have been wronged and so my psysysyspsyc hick power awake and I shot white juice ebverywheef :)

bb tell mum I am spoder man she don't believe but I promise I can weave a web

tata for now (because that's how mum says it at least) (it's my bedtime now so goodbye fellow kids pspspss

12/3/2021 5:16pm

ur mom was my mean to my mum specifically she called her a fat Karen (I won't say the naughty word because ic Ould get detention and I am am good christian Bert)

so I am sad

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