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Post Vision Buzzing
2/28/2022 7:53am

Who else has visions that end and you can't stop hearing a hum or buzz in the back of your brain? Or hears a murmur in the silence of an empty room? I'd love to hear if this is a universal experience or just me!

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Post Vision Buzzing
2/28/2022 7:51am

It's weird because after my vision (mentioned in the last post) I have had a loud buzzing in my head that won't stop. Not like bee buzzing or even like sloshing of water back and forth and back and forth. Just like a weird humming in my head that I can't really describe. I feel like there's an occasional murmur or something there too. It seems too off when the humming stops and I hear something sounding like a whisper. Has anyone else had a weird vision that turned into a buzz in your head?

2/28/2022 7:48am

I had a vision of drowning. I wasn't dead but I couldn't breathe. Every time I did I felt water enter my lungs and burn and burn and burn.

The coolness of the water around me was odd. It felt like floating in a glacier. Everything was so cold and stung. But everything still burned and burned and burned.

I wasn't asleep, I think. I think I was awake but I'm not quite sure. I think at the very end of the vision I saw something beyond the inky black depths of the water around me. I think something was watching me? Maybe it was my new friend.

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2/24/2022 6:44am

I heard a funny story last week, it was told to me by someone indescribable, literally! Describing them is down right impossible! I do hope that I can look at them properly next time, or maybe that would be rude...
What was the story? The story was about you of course! It was very funny, it had a nice mix of comedy and tragedy, I hope to see my new friend soon :)

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