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4/28/2018 12:11pm

I... do believe I am lost. A hallway closed off while I was hunting for that Alchemy soda, and since then I'm not so sure that I'm even in the school anymore. The people are so strange looking here, all tight-pantsed and teased hair. Very strange.
At least I found what I'd thought was the orange soda. As it turns out, what I was smelling was a citrus-drink based gollem. How embarrassing! He is dog-shaped and friendly, which is a small comfort while I wander these neon halls, undoubtedly racking up weeks of detentions for cutting class. That should be resolved, though. I've been lost in other dimensions before, so finding my way home has never been an issue for me.
Goodness! I've just seen a poster for the 1979 prom. This could take longer than I thought.

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4/23/2018 8:53pm

My arms have returned! Most joyous, graceful day this is!
I admit, I was starting to get concerned for a little there. I mean, if I was given a choice between this dimension (normal, average) and a dimension where I am automatically blessed with a cowboy hat upon arrival (cool, good), then I'm not sure I'd be staying here for very long. It was very kind of them to return. Typing is going to be much easier from now on! I just wish I could pry the tiny cowboy hats from my fingertips.
Isn't it funny how the hallways shift around so much here? One minute, I'm trying to find out where the alchemist club is hiding that delicious orange soda (that I KNOW they're making), the next I'm in the Siberian tundra, wrestling a polar bear for my backpack. Almost makes one wonder why they penalize tardiness anymore. I mean, if this mazification keeps going, the principal will have to start holding detentions in the auditorium. Not that we'd be able to find our way there, of course. Hmm.
Actually, that seems like it would solve the whole problem. Carry on, maze demons!

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4/7/2018 10:17pm

It's been slow going, updating this journal. Both my arms are in The Dimension Where Everyone Has Cowboy Hats, and have been having such a great time they've decided to extend their stay. As of now, I'm training myself to write with my mouth, like a wyvern would do. Brings me way back. I remember sitting with all the Wyvern Kids at lunch, pretending to breathe fire and horde things all recess. Good times.
Now, call me crazy, or does the alchemy classroom have a most peculiar orange soda smell to it? Could be worth looking into. Maybe a teacher's found an equivalent exchange for it! (Carbonation seems like it would fetch quite the price, though.)

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3/29/2018 12:48pm

You know, it is just so refreshing to go to a school where limbs detaching and entering other dimensions isn't 'problem behavior'. I really truly feel among friends when I walk these halls. Or, you know, limp as the case may be.
Maybe I'l make real friends here! At my old school, all I had was that ghost weevil. (He was such a flake. Gad to be rid of him, truth told.) So what if the space-time continuum seems a bit... paisley-er around here? It's good for an aura to experience some upset every now and then.
I think I'll start looking for after school clubs to join, once I wrestle my eyes back from Xonthgar, Lord Of Dimension 17.653. Mother always says I should be 'The kind of boy that doesn't take life sitting down', which is good advice if your bones are solid.
Considering mine are holding wonderfully steady now, I intend to start listening to her. Maybe I ought to call her. I could use some advice for handling Xonthgar. What a tool.

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