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6/12/2015 5:31am

Im finally done with exams. Yay Summer

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5/31/2015 4:13pm

I am bored and doing hetalia rps right now.
So its very nice but kinda boring.
Well see ya

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5/27/2015 7:54am

I'm sorry about Atlantica and Pacific. I hope they don't leave, I haven't gotten to know them yet. I wish they would have talked to me more, but I guess I'm still kinda new.
I'm still joining the DARCC as soon as I find a way how.
Get well soon Atlantica and Pacific.

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5/25/2015 11:20am

I'm sorry I didn't post
But a lot has been happening I heard.
Jessica is still in a coma, Scilph ran away, her friend Morris went after her and Atlantica finished the, whatever they're doing at DARCC, something about souls and bodies.
Anyway, nothing special happened here unfortunately, just classes and stuff.
I hope you guys get better soon.

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Ghosts and stuff
5/22/2015 7:36am

Why would I be scared, are you?

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5/22/2015 4:07am

Hmmm, what shall I post today?
Today not much happened, just the usual
I went to the Cerealomancy class, and it was all about, well cereals. I love cereals.
I wonder if I can make friends with people like Scilph and Atlantica. I would totally say hi to them.
Anyone know if Jessica is gonna be okay?

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5/21/2015 11:15am

Today I wandered some more, saying hi to everyone and stuff.
I finally found the admission office person so I can pick some classes.
I think Cerealomancy and How to speak Cow sounds fun. I like cows.
I asked him what he recommends and he gave me a list of classes.
This is gonna be fun.
Also Im still joining the Dark Arts club, so happy.
Where do I go for that?

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5/20/2015 10:31am

I've been wandering around, looking at people, and people-that-are-not-really-people-but-still.
Hmm it does seem like an interesting place. But everyone has a place to practice their, erm, things. Where would I practice? All I can do is stab people.
Maybe, I could practice my
dematerialisation, or whatever you call it.

Let me see...Oh yes Atlantica did tell me about the dark club. What was it called again?
D..A..umm something something club.
*ahem* Yeah, I'm not really good at paying attention, hehe. I'm gonna have to ask her again the next time I see her.
Well, see ya~

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5/20/2015 6:16am

I just read the rest of your entry. That sounds like fun.
I would totally join your club.
Any other clubs you recommend?

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5/20/2015 6:07am

Oh thank you, Id love to join your club. What do you in there again?

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