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9/26/2019 6:19pm

Save your earthly appetite and come to Spirit Guide Spaghetti Night TONIGHT in the Grand Ballroom of Osiris! All you can eat! Tickets still available at the door.

When what thou eatest is brought to thee, what I eat is brought to me. Thou eatest what is eaten by Seb and Osiris. And what do they eatest?


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Finding Your Way Around Campus
9/22/2019 11:38pm

I'm pleased to report that the septennial Jamboree of the Spirit Guides was a resounding success! Members of all ranks were able to confer, converse, and otherwise hobnob with their brother and sister Spirit Guides from around the world, engaging in fellowship, secret handshakes, ritual duels, and direct mind-to-mind transfer of knowledge too delicate to relate through other means.

Also, new Ascended Masters were selected and transformed, as you no doubt noticed through the cryptographic messaging of puffs of white smoke emanating from the various rental cars parked around campus.

Now that the Grand Host has left and returned to their secret stations across the globe, Troop 109 is ready to turn their full attention once again to the care and direction of Psyhigh's student body.

That's why we're hosting Spirit Guide Spaghetti Night this Thursday in the Grand Ballroom of Osiris! All you can eat! The stake which will be in your hand will be the thigh of Nemu; the fork which will be in your hand will be the fingers of Sokaris; the point which will be in your hand will be the claws of Isis; and the blade which will be in your hand will be the knife of Nemu.

Plus, unlimited garlic bread!

We hope to see you there. Tickets are $5 each, and available from our table in the commons during lunch through Thursday.

And as a special bonus, everyone who purchases a ticket will be automatically entered in our raffle for one free ride on the Sun Barque.

Invite a friend!

Finding Your Way Around Campus
9/13/2019 12:13pm

Following the success of Troop 109’s campus tour project, there’s been a great deal of interest in the Spirit Guides and how to "get involved."

While we’re not at liberty to comment on the fundamental Mysteries of the Initiation Rites, we can list the first 10 of the 17 ranks of the Spirit Guides. They are (in ascending order):

Arrow of Light
Big Cheese

These are of course followed by the Mystery Ranks (levels 11-17) which exist on a vibratory plane too high for unascended ears to comprehend.

If you'd like to learn more about the Spirit Guides, we're having our septennial Jamboree starting this weekend right here on campus! Invocations begin tonight with the rise of the full moon in the Gnarly Grove. We'll have Spirit Guides from around the world staying in the dorms temporarily for the full week of events, so feel free to introduce yourself to one of us to learn more.

If you'd rather just take a campus tour, we'll be meeting up at the bell tower again tomorrow at noon. Hope to see you there!

Thank you for your interest in rituals.

Finding Your Way Around Campus
9/6/2019 11:12pm

Psyhigh’s own Troop 109 of the Spirit Guides will be conducting campus tours for incoming freshmen starting this weekend at noon at the bell tower.

As our motto says, "We show the way!"*

*At least, that's our modern motto. Our original motto was ""Hail to thee, O daughter of Amenta, mistress of Peteru of heaven, thou gift of Thoth, thou mistress of the two sides of the ladder, open a way to Unas, let Unas pass. Hail to thee, O Nau, who art seated upon the brink of the Lake of Kha, open thou a way to Unas, let Unas pass. Hail to thee, O thou bull of four horns, thou who hast one horn to the west, and one to the east, and one to the north, and one to the south, let Unas pass, for he is a being from the purified Amenta, who goeth forth from the country of Baqta. Hail to thee, O Sekhet-Hetep, hail to thee, and to the fields which are in thee, the fields of Unas are in thee, for pure offerings are in thee" but it didn't fit on buttons so nicely.